How to charge for email marketing

I generate 85% of my income from email marketing, and it’s a great way of generating a living which 
I love with a true passion as it allows me to work from anywhere in the world which I desire.
However, there are other ways to charge for email marketingwhich I will briefly cover in this short article.

Look for problems not opportunities…

Email marketing profits can be generated in three main ways, the first being how I generate my own living which is by looking for problems and challenges which individuals may have, and then helping them to find a solution, and this is my service and how I develop specific problem-solving email sequences which generate ongoing profits on a daily basis.
You’re probably wondering how I generate profit from such a service and the answer is quite simple.

I either sell them a products and solutions to their problem I have created personally, or I recommend a solution from someone else to which I am an affiliate and receive a commission every time a sale is made.
However, there are many other ways you can charge for emailmarketing.
Another tried and tested method is by offering either an email writing service, or a newsletter service.
Every other business or service you come across could exponentially increase their bottom-line profits by building their own email list, and of course then building trust and popularity with their list.
Once trust and engagement are built, your list will go on paying you in additional profits for many years to come, if of course you keep them warm.
Keeping them warm and engaged is the key to financial email success.
This is where you, or anyone who enjoys writing emails can profit.
You see, most people with a business dislike writing and have not developed the simple skills of writing engaging emails. However, with a little persuasion it would not be difficult to start writing weekly or twice-weekly emails on their behalf, or even a monthly newsletter.
Doing so would soon prove profitable.
Now, just imagine you specialised in one type of business; it could be anything which interest you. 
Then, get used to that industry and selling your services directly to the manager or owner, it just takes practice.
However, once you’ve done your research and hard work it then gets easy because you can use the same material for every business that you represent so long as it’s in the same niche or market place.
Do get the idea?
More recently I came across someone who is running a very viably profitable email service similar to the one I just mentioned for restaurants. In fact, they were representing approximately 40 restaurants and earning a monthly income in excess of £5000 and it was only taking a couple of days each and every month to achieve this.
Best of all was the fact that every month their business profits grew by 2% – 4% without additional effort.
Rather than telling you how the system works I can direct you directly to the tutorial which they learn from, just click here to discovermore…
Or click here to learn more about how to charge for email marketing.




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